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About Zaxby's

We live in a chicken-obsessed society – or at least, that’s what we observe about American society with the prevalence of chicken-centric restaurants. Despite the pervasive presence of giants, from KFC to McDonald’s, there’s a regional chain making its own mark in the restaurant scene. We’re talking about Zaxby's, chain of restaurants operating mostly in the Southern United States, and it isn’t just the budget-friendly Zaxby's prices that customers come back for again and again either.


In March 1990, Zach McLeroy and Tony Townley opened the first Zaxby's in Statesboro, Georgia particularly near Georgia Southern University. Currently, the chain consists of more than 900 locations in 18 states; most of these restaurants are owned and operated by franchisees.

Made-to-order Food

The enduring success of Zaxby's amidst the stiff competition from the fast-food giants can be partly based on its limited yet focused menu. While there are good things to be said about a wide variety of items on a menu, this can also present problems for both the restaurant and the customers. The challenges can include supply chain delays on the restaurant’s part and confusion on the customers’ part.

But with Zaxby's, many of these challenges have been lessened! Customers, for one thing, will have an easier and faster time choosing from the menu resulting in faster satisfaction of their hunger.

Keep in mind that the menu focuses on chicken so if you are a chicken fan, then you will find Zaxby's a great choice, especially if you’re travelling cross-country by vehicle. The chicken choices include chicken wings and chicken fingers, both of which are only cooked by the kitchen staff upon a customer’s order (i.e., cooked-to-order).

The chicken wings are served in two styles, namely, on-the-wing and boneless. In both cases, nonetheless, each order comes with the customer’s choice in dipping sauce. The choices in dipping sauce are fairly limited but sufficient, such as Zax sauce (i.e., moderately spicy); Insane and Nuclear (i.e., the latter two are intensely hot, as their names imply); teriyaki; hot honey mustard; and sweet and spicy.

The chicken fingers can also be served with your choice in dipping sauce. Known as Fingerz – the chain has an affinity for the letter “z” obviously – these are juicy, succulent and flavorful even without the dipping sauce. The dipping sauces complement the chicken’s flavors instead of masking them, a great thing when you don’t want an over-sauced product.

A word on the signature Zax sauce, which is usually served on the side. Such is its addictive flavor, thanks to its layers of flavor, that the Internet has numerous recipes to make it at home. Of course, there’s nothing like the original Zak sauce so fans continue trooping to Zaxby's for their fix.

Also, the chicken tenders aren’t just made from small pieces of chicken and additives (e.g., flour). These are made of real chicken pieces with a light coating of delicious batter, which are then deep-fried to perfection. The result: The chicken tenders are crispy on the outside and juicy, tender and tasty on the inside with just the right amount of seasoning.

The chicken tenders are also included in the Zalads, which are obviously salads with various ingredients. There are several salads on the menu, such as Blue and Caesar, which have cut-up chicken tenders unless the customer requests grilled chicken.

The house salad comes highly recommended with its delicious combination of cucumbers, mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, Roma tomatoes, fried onion crumbles, and jack and cheddar cheese. The vegetables are fresh and crisp, the onion crumbles provide a crunchy texture, and the cheeses add a tangy flavor.

Indeed, the Zaxby's Zalads are a cut above the rest of fast-food salads, a pleasant surprise for many Zaxby's first-timers but a pleasure for its fans.

The menu features crinkle-cut fries deep-fried to a crispy exterior with a soft, fluffy interior – and these come with Cajun seasoning, too! The coleslaw is a great side, too, with its fresh, creamy and crunchy quality, as well as a flavorful sauce. The chicken sandwiches are a must-have, too, and come in two versions – one served on a bun and the other served on a Texas toast.

Localized Décor

The Zaxby's dining rooms are typically decorated based on the local sensibilities. But these usually feature whimsical signs and objects although the themes vary by region. For example, Zaxby's near universities are more likely to feature memorabilia and other objects related to the respective local university.

This means that every Zaxby's restaurant has a unique charm of its own! There are no cookie-cutter design formats to follow but it must also be said that the chain adopts a friendly, welcoming and warm atmosphere in all of its restaurants.

Furthermore, while Zaxby's is a fast-food chain, its restaurants have a more sit-down feel to it than its competitors; think Chili’s instead of McDonald’s. But like fast-food restaurants, customers order at a counter, get to their tables, and wait for their assigned order numbers to be called.