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About Burger King

Burger King’s claims to offering the best burger can be seen as audacious, to say the least, considering the stiff competition coming from both fast-food giants and gourmet burger restaurants. But in many ways, the chain of better-burger restaurants lives up to its claim, particularly when you consider that the Burger King prices are reasonable. You will get the best value for your money, thanks to the great quality of the burgers.


In 1953, Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns founded Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. But while it became a regional chain, it encountered management issues that eventually forced its original owners to sell to James McLamore and David Edgerton. The new owners then changed the chain’s name to Burger King and, thus, was born what will soon become one of the better burger chains in the United States.

The chain’s current owner is Restaurant Brands International with corporate headquarters in Miami-Dade County in Florida. There are reportedly 17,796 Burking King restaurants in 100 countries as of December 31, 2018. Nearly 50% of these restaurants are in the United States while 99.7% are franchised locations.

Better Burgers

Even with changes in management, Burger King as a whole adopts a creative attitude toward burgers and its products. With burgers and fries being an American cuisine staple, it can be challenging to introduce innovations and actually be successful at it. But Burger King seems to succeed where others haven’t and its innovative burgers are among its draws.

At first glance, Burger King’s burgers are larger than your typical fast-food burger so persons with a bigger appetite will find them more satisfying. The buns are wider and thicker, too, in order to accommodate the wider and thicker beef patties, cheese slices and veggie toppings. There’s something completely satisfying at appreciating the Texas-sized burgers being served!

Burger King also has a way of presenting its burgers in a more appetizing way, and it’s something that adds to the anticipation of biting into the burger. On closer inspection, the beef patty is perfectly grilled, the cheese smells tangy, and the veggie toppings are freshly-sliced. Who wouldn’t be tempted, indeed?

Of course, the burgers aren’t just impressive in size and appetizing in appearance! These are so delicious that you probably will want to order another one to take home, not to mention that you will savor every bite.

The bun has a slightly toasted texture to it, as well as a soft and fluffy interior that complements the meatiness of the beef patty, the cheesiness of the cheese, and the freshness of the veggies. The beef patty isn’t just thick and wide but, more importantly, it’s juicy, tender and succulent – and it’s just the way that a beef patty should be.

Overall, every Burger King burger is the best there is – or at least, the best that you can get for the money!

The variety of burgers on the menu is also admirable. The Whopper is obviously the mainstay of the menu, as well as the chain’s signature product since the late 1950s.

There are plenty to choose from, too, aside from the Whopper. The Whopper Sandwich, Bacon King, Steak House, Long Pepperoni, and Long Chili Cheese come highly recommended because these are so good you’ll forget you ever ate inferior burgers.

Burgers may be the stars but there are other equally satisfying items – breakfast items, wraps and salads, among others. There’s no need to second-guess yourself when ordering because the items are usually named in a pretty descriptive manner. There are the likes of Bacon King Muffin, King Fish, BLT Chicken Wrap, Garden Side Salad, Chicken Nuggets, and Veggie Bean Burger.

Do you have a question about the ingredients, especially if you have special dietary requirements? It’s quite easy to get answers –just ask the staff at the counter who usually have the answers and, if not, then ask the managers. You can ask for vegetarian items, too, but keep in mind that Burger King is a fast casual restaurant so customizations aren’t the norm.

Kids are welcome to Burger King restaurants, too. The chain has its lineup of kids’ meals, which are smaller versions of the menu items, aside from appealing to kids’ palate. A kid’s meal usually consists of an entrée, sides and drinks as well as a small toy.

There’s a no-fuss, no-frills sense in the Burger King décor but that’s to be expected. What the simple décor lacks in sophistication it more than makes up for in brightly-lit interiors, convenient layout, and sufficient space for diners to move in.

Families and friends, even couples on a casual date, find Burger King’s restaurants to be laidback so there’s no need for fancy manners, and that’s alright with them. Plus, the restaurants are kept clean so eating becomes a more pleasurable experience.

There’s also the matter of the crew members being helpful and friendly.